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Osteosolutions have a range of products for relieving lower back pain and preventing back pain.

Over the past few years we have been seeing an ever increasing number of patients visiting our practice and complaining about acute and chronic lower back pain. This is due largely to poor or incorrect sitting posture. Osteopathy is a way of aiding the spine and joints to ensure that they are strong, mobile and within their structure. Patients who have regular lower back treatments can really see these result and their pain is lessened. However there is only so much that corrective treatment therapy can do. Most of the time it is about asking yourself a simple question…‘Are you sitting properly?’

Download our sheet on How to Prevent Back Pain at work

We all know that after a long day a slouch on the couch is calling. Although sitting in a upright position could better your back pains. Sitting in an upright position in a non-productive manner could be all you need; we all know such chilled activity is short lived. The facts you need to know about your spine when you are sitting down:

The Lumbar Spine or Lower Back
The discs that sit between each of our spinal joints compress – at a rate which is 2x heavier than when you are standing up. If we have a pre-existing condition within the Lumbar Spine these then become more and more vulnerable to injury when sitting. The ligaments that hold the bones together become shorter and more resistant to movement.

The nerves that come out of space between the bones (spinal joints) are prone to irritation causing pain and 'pins and needles'. With prolonged sitting over time the concave nature curves in our Lumbar Spine can be reversed into a lightly more convex shaped spine. The aid of a sitting support in your daily work or home life can help keep your spine to maintain the right structure. As well as keeping it stretched without you constantly thinking about it. A lumbar roll does all the work to keep your spine flexible and healthy.

We recommend the Sit Fit Special and the Cosyfit neck pillow and Lumbar Support

Sit Special
The Sit Special memory foam wedge tractions the Lumbar Spine out of compression into more of a supportive state in an upright sitting position without the effort. The disc decompresses and can reduce never root pain of the Lumbar Spine. It also provides for equal weight bearing around the buttocks. 

The Cozyfit pillow is an ideal product for travelling. It is also useful when reading books or using technology like a laptop whilst reclining in bed.
The Cozyfit travel pillow and lumber roll is visco-elastic memory foam which is very supportive of the neck and the cervical spine.


Sit Fit sitting and excersize aid Sit Fit (£29.99)
Sitfit portable sitting exercise aid
Seating Wedge for children to improve posture Textured Seating Wedge for Children (£27.99)
PVC FREE Textured Seating Wedge for children - 25cms
Wedge cushion posture support for office seating Wedge Cushion for Office use (£23.99)
The wedge cushion corrects sitting posture and is suitable for most seats and is ideal for use while driving. As recommended by Osteosolutions

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