Orthopaedic Pillows

An orthopaedic pillow is the perfect support for your cervical spine and relief of lower back pain

Our range of orthopaedic cervical pillows provide neck (cervical spine) support and will reduce the risk of injury and joint discomfort caused by pressure to the cervical spine during sleep. Using an orthopedic pillow you will awake feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Pillows for neck pain and back pain relief

Choosing the correct pillow for peaceful sleep
Your orthopaedic pillow should comfortably support the area between your head and shoulder, especially if you sleep on your sides. Not all of us have the same gap size between the head and shoulders, so look at the chart below to choose the perfect pillows.

Do any of these apply to you? Pillows we recommend
Broad Shoulders Classic Orthopaedic Pillow
Prefer a feather pillow Palea Spelt Orthopaedic Pillow
Neck Pain  - adjustable SleepRRR Orthopaedic pillow
Unsure which to choose Soft Plus Orthopaedic pillow
Neck Pain - memory foam Soft Memory Foam Orthopaedic pillow
Travel & stay in hotels Orthopaedic Travel Pillow and Lumbar Roll


Complete SleepRRR memory Foam Pillow Neck Pain Pillow Complete SleepRRR (£59.99)
Complete Sleeprr Adjustable Pillow
Original orthopaedic Pillow Classic Orthopaedic Pillow (£55.99)
Classic Original orthopaedic pillow has a slightly firmer ridge. As recommended by Osteosolutions. For a good night's rest.
Orthopaedic Pillows from Osteosolutions Soft Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow (£69.99)
Soft memory foam orthopaedic pillow is designed with air holes for ventilation and a softer feel.
Soft Orthopaedic Pillows for sensitive necks Soft Plus Orthopaedic Pillow (£79.99)
Soft orthopaedic pillow is designed with air holes for ventilation and a softer feel.
PALEA Orthopedic Pillow Palea Orthopaedic Pillow (£44.95)
The Palea Spelt Orthopaedic pillow adjusts to shape of head and neck. It maintains the cervical spine and is dust free. As recommended by Osteosolutions
SleepRRR and Cosy Neck Pillow Special offer SleepRRR and Cosy Neck Pillow (£87.90)
Cosy memory foam neck pillow with a sleepRRR Pillow
TRAVEL PILLOW AND LUMBER SUPPORT Orthopaedic Travel Pillow (£49.99)
Supportive Travel Pillow, lumbar and neck roll.
Soft memory foam neck support travel pillow Cozyfit Memory Foam Neck Support (£45.05)
Neck support pillow for travel.

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