Star ratings  The Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable Pillow

I was a bit sceptical before trying this product because I had already used a very good spinal product which although I found beneficial it was a bit cumbersome, much harder on the neck and not height adjustable.

In contrast the Complete Sleeprrr is completely comfortable and snug to sleep on.  You simply sink into its soft memory foam which is so pliable.

The shape is also just right for your neck and back because you can adjust it to suit your condition unlike my previous one.  It easily folds apart by opening up the outer covering enabling you to remove layers of memory foam should you want a lower pillow.  For me it is perfect without any adjustment.

My shoulder pain is reduced significantly at night and if I try to go back to a standard pillow the pain immediately returns.

I cannot imagine not using it now even though I used to love my soft feather pillows.  Fortunately it is well made so it should last me a long time and worth every penny.

G Manchester

Star ratings  The Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable Pillow

Hi, the Complete Sleeprrr is excellent. For the first few hours l had to fiddle around to get the height suitable for me. Once l got it i was able to have good nights sleep.
The pain in my wrist has gone down a lot. Thanks

S London

Star ratings  The Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable Pillow

I have been using this pillow for about 4 years and need it replaced. Tried loads of different pillows but always return to this one. Best in the market.

Liz G

Star ratings  The Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable Pillow

I have been a patient of Khalids for many years. Recently l have been suffering excruciating pain in my neck, radiating through my shoulder and down my left arm. My sleep was severely disturbed and l often woke stiff and more in pain. Khalid suggested an MRI . I visited Khalid and had a treatment to try and ease some of the pain. l presented him with my MRI results which showed 3 herniated discs with nerve compressions, damage that was a result of an accident ,and had gone unnoticed for almost 2 years. He recommended trying the sleeprrr pillow. We chose this one as it could be adjusted to suit the individual accordingly. The first 2 nights felt a bit odd. While the pillow was extremely comfortable and supportive , l think my neck was trying to adjust to years of being wrongly positioned. It didn’t take long to feel the benefits though. Unfortunately due to the severe damage to my neck my pain id not diminish totally ,it has however given me a comfortable platform for my spine providing the right amount of support my neck needs to make sleeping comfortable again. I very rarely wake through the night or suffer with the stiffness l used to upon waking, the numbness in my hand and fingers has gone. I have been amazed by the results of using the sleeprrr pillow. It has been a valuable investment towards my health , one that most certainly is not regretted as it has enhanced my overall well-being.

J Batchelor

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