Biofreeze Cryospray for topical pain relief £9.90

Biofreeze Spray is an effective pain relief treament

Biofreeze Cryospray for topical pain relief £9.90

Biofreeze Cryospray is a natural topical pain relief treatment.

Biofreeze Spray (4oz) contains a herbal extract called ILEX a South American holly shrub. It contains three analgesics which provides deep, long lasting pain relief which accelerates the healing process to relax stiff aching muscles and joints.

BioFreeze spray provides an effective topical pain relief for :

  • Shoulder, neck and elbow pain
  • Lower back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Arthritis, tendonitis and muscle stiffness.

What is Topical Treatment ?

Topical pain relief for muscular pain is a treatment applied to the skin at the site of pain, and massaged in. By following the instructions topical pain relief treaments, like BioFreeze Gel, have a good safety record with few side effects. Biofreeze spray is based on natural plant extracts.

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